Are You a Rockstar?

Are You a Rockstar?

Our customers are the various health care practices situated in your community.  We want to help your health care providers enhance their ability to deliver health care services to you and your friends/family.

If you enjoy taking time to nurture relationships, we are interested in having you join our team…

if you are a natural teacher and like the idea of controlling your own working hours, then you will love the idea of joining our team…

And, if you enjoy communicating with adults and like the idea of helping health care practices provide better patient care, you MUST join our team!


“Groupies” Need NOT Apply

If you are interested in MLM (multi-level marketing), network marketing, or franchise opportunity, then we are NOT the right company for you.  In fact, people who join these types of businesses are like a bunch of “groupies” hanging out around the few rockstars that are at the top of the opportunity.  Despite the promise of those opportunities, your ability to truly generate a real, substantial income is limited.

We want you to be a rockstar, not a “groupie”.

If you have previously worked with/for an MLM-type of businesses, you will find the Patient Approved® experience to be exciting and full of fun surprises – it’s even better than going to see your favorite band!