Build Your Online Reputation

We are NOT a reputation repair service. The Patient Approved® system is not designed to help doctors that have an online “reputation problem”. If you are currently being harassed online by unhappy patients, or if the majority of your patients are not pleased with the services you provide, you may not be ready to be a Patient[…]

Vision Statement

It is our goal to have Patient Approved® recognized as the trusted brand for finding quality health care services.  Patients will ask if their health care provider is “Patient Approved” for the procedure they desire.  Health care providers will be excited to show that they have been “Patient Approved” for the services that they offer.[…]

Ethical Practice Promotion

How do we facilitate “ethical practice promotion”? The majority of patients now use the Internet as their primary source to identify and research health care providers.  However, most health care providers lack expertise in leveraging the Internet to help them promote their practice. Utilizing the power of cloud-based software, the Patient Approved® system enables practices[…]

Continuous Quality Improvement

How do we help doctors enhance their practices through “continuous quality improvement”? Health care providers are focused on day-to-day patient care activities. However, the amount of time a patient spends with their provider is a small part of each patient’s health care experience. Before a patient interacts with their health care provider, they schedule their[…]

Mission Statement

It is the goal of Patient Approved® to help patients find the right doctor for their needs and to help doctors enhance their practices through continuous quality improvement and ethical practice promotion. What does it mean to help patients find the “right doctor for their needs”? Patients are looking for health care providers that are[…]