Build Your Online Reputation

We are NOT a reputation repair service.

The Patient Approved® system is not designed to help doctors that have an online “reputation problem”. If you are currently being harassed online by unhappy patients, or if the majority of your patients are not pleased with the services you provide, you may not be ready to be a Patient Approved® doctor.  We are looking for the BEST doctors, as determined by their patients, to feature in our online guide.

Is Your Online Reputation Protected?

However, like other service oriented businesses, doctors have found that their business is susceptible to the influence of online ratings and reviews — in fact online ratings and reviews can significantly influence new patients to schedule consultations. This is because the power of “social proof” helps people make a decision.

Unfortunately, most doctors do not effectively gather patient reviews.  And, of those practitioners that do collect patient feedback, few have been able to effectively leverage those reviews to create a solid online reputation and, ultimately, increase their number of new patient consultations. Let’s face it, you and your staff are working hard to deliver quality care, manage patient expectations, handle with the occasional emergency, and deal with reimbursement issues.  The last thing you need is another time-intensive, complicated task that takes you away from patient care.

Patient Approved® is the perfect solution.

By using the Patient Approved® rating/review service, your patients will  be able to provide you with valuable feedback, ratings, and reviews automatically. You can then give your new clients easy access to this information by displaying our exclusive ‘Patient Approved®’ seal in a prominent location on your website.

Patient Approved® is so effective at gathering feedback that we expect up to 50% of your patients to provide ratings and reviews after they visit you.

Imagine all of the valuable ratings and feedback you can start gathering from existing patients that you can then use to educate and encourage new patients to schedule consultations with you.

And, because it has been designed for the health care market, Patient Approved® is simply the best patient rating and review solution available for your practice. Find out yourself…go  ahead and sign up today! In less than 5 minutes you can be gathering incredible ratings and reviews! Collect patient reviews now and they will benefit your practice for years to come!

Starting building your online reputation — get Patient Approved® today and see more patients tomorrow!