Continuous Quality Improvement

How do we help doctors enhance their practices through “continuous quality improvement”?

Health care providers are focused on day-to-day patient care activities. However, the amount of time a patient spends with their provider is a small part of each patient’s health care experience. Before a patient interacts with their health care provider, they schedule their appointment, sit in a waiting room and exam room, talk with staff, and have a variety of other interactions. Doctors are frequently unaware of these interactions or how those interactions affect their patients.

Utilizing the Patient Approved® system, doctors are able to survey their patients for satisfaction and quality assessment measures related to all aspects of the patient experience.  The individual feedback enables doctors to address each patient’s needs, and aggregated feedback provides trends analysis for improving the practice.

Our detailed analytics help doctors continually improve their practices.  This differentiates us from all of the other popular rating/review sites that are focused on driving consumer reviews only, and not facilitating practice enhancements.