Ethical Practice Promotion

How do we facilitate “ethical practice promotion”?

The majority of patients now use the Internet as their primary source to identify and research health care providers.  However, most health care providers lack expertise in leveraging the Internet to help them promote their practice.

Utilizing the power of cloud-based software, the Patient Approved® system enables practices to collect patient reviews and use those reviews to magnify their marketing message.  Health care providers typically are expert at providing specific services — The Patient Approved® system helps practices brand themselves through Internet based promotions, social sharing and automated search optimization.  By automatically targeting those services each practice is expert in, the system communicates each practices’ message to the right audience, helping doctors share their skills with the right patients.

Our robust technology helps doctors “get found” by patients for the procedures in which they are expert across the Internet.  We do this by publishing content featuring Patient Approved® doctors, along with their procedures, on many Internet properties. This is unlike the other various rating/review sites which focus only on building content on their own sites.