Finding A GREAT Doctor

You Need a New Doctor

So, you need to find a new doctor, dentist, or other health care specialist for your particular needs.

You’ve asked for referrals from your other doctors and talked to your friends. But you haven’t found the best doctor for your needs.

We know you tried searching online, but found a variety of on-line ratings and reviews that were anonymous or lacking verification (are those reviews even real?)  Of course, physicians are legally prevented from responding to most online reviews, so these rating sites don’t provide an accurate or complete picture of a physician.  Due to the anonymity and lack of doctor feedback, many of these rating sites ultimately just turn into a forum for doctor bashing.

You’ve seen some magazines and websites list the “best doctors” in your area — but many of these are just advertisements where doctors pay to be listed.

Which Doctor is “Right For You?”

How do you know if a doctor really is right for you?  When selecting a doctor, professional designations and awards are helpful guides…

For example, when a doctor states that they are “Board Certified”, it shows that they have received training in the listed specialty. Unfortunately, board certification does not indicate the amount of experience that a doctor has.

And, although a doctor must have a state license to practice medicine, the license does not indicate the quality of work.  In fact, a license to practice medicine, like a driver’s license, doesn’t mean that the person does a good job.

I Want a GREAT Doctor…

And, if you are looking for a GREAT Doctor, you are probably looking for someone that…

    • Smiles when you arrive, and make you smile when you leave…
    • Is there for you whenever you need them…
    • Has a courteous staff that helps take care of you…

and, most important…

Your doctor is experienced and consistently obtains good results for the procedures you need/want…

Where Do I Look?

Whether you need a surgeon, an internist, or even a dentist or chiropractor, you need a trusted solution that can help you find the best doctor for you.

Rather than promoting a directory listing of doctors with random, anonymous reviews, we enable doctors to participate in our Patient Approved® system – the only trusted physician rating system online. The Patient Approved® “Score Card” lists the various procedures each physician performs in addition to patient reviews and their public rating for each procedure.

And, unlike many directory sites, only reviews that have been verified are eligible for display, so you won’t encounter misleading information about Patient Approved® doctors.

And the Patient Approved® system is one of the only systems that helps patients engage their doctor in a dialogue. If you are not satisfied with your doctor, let them know!  Your discussion will be hosted in a secure, private environment to help you obtain a quick resolution out of the public eye.

Look for the Patient Approved® Seal

We also provide doctors with their own Patient Approved® seal to post on their website or Facebook page, so everyone can see if they are Patient Approved®.

And, all doctors that show the Patient Approved® seal are committed to achieving excellence for their patients.  Doctors displaying the Patient Approved® seal agree that:

    • they will treat their patients with respect
    • they will be accessible to their patients
    • they will only employ staff that are courteous and kind
    • long wait times are not acceptable…

All participating health care providers agree to abide by the Patient Approved Pledge…

And, we have developed the Patient Approved® 5-Star Award recognizing doctors who provide excellent patient care.  A doctor cannot achieve a high Patient Approved® score unless they truly deserve it!

If a doctor does not display the Patient Approved® seal on their website or Facebook page, you have to ask WHY?

Why have they not taken the time to…

    • give prospective and current patients the peace-of-mind that they are transparent with their work?
    • engage their patients?
    • show that they are “liked” (or loved) by their patients?

I Found a GREAT Doctor…

You may say “My doctor is great!  Everyone should know about them…How can I help get my doctor Patient Approved®?”

The good news is that any doctor can join, there is no fee to obtain patient feedback… Tell your doctor to visit our site and register for free.

It all starts with you.  As patients, we have the power to demand excellent health care. Help build our community of empowered patients and share your opinion about doctors who deserve to be Patient Approved®. With your help, you’ll be spreading the word to doctors and patients to get involved.

Now is the time to come together and make a change!  Tell your doctor to get Patient Approved® today!