You want a doctor who is an expert at the services they provide and who has a great bedside manner.

Since 2006, we have gathered data about patient outcomes for the various procedures doctors perform and how patients are being treated by each doctor and their staff.

Combining our knowledge of doctors, the type of specialist/procedure you require, and your location, we can help you decide which doctors are the best for your particular needs.

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Nearly every online healthcare review site contains biased or unvalidated data.  This information is harmful to both patients and doctors.

At Patient Approved®, we use systems and tools to obtain validated feedback on hundreds of data points to precisely measure practice performance.

We are unlike rating sites that tend to attract dissatisfied patients. And, we are unlike doctor promotion sites that tend to display reviews only from “5-star” patient reviews.

We avoid biases by helping doctors obtain feedback from all of their patients, validating the feedback, and sharing that feedback with the doctor and our partner sites across the internet.

At Patient Approved®, our goal is to help doctors become the best they can be – so they can be the best for you.

To improve healthcare delivery, each doctor must optimize their individual practice.

When doctors are busy taking care of patients, they typically lack insight into what people are experiencing within their practice.

Patient Approved® doctors are different — they ask for feedback from their patients so they can make changes in their practice and deliver the best care possible.

The Patient Approved® dashboard tracks feedback to show doctors how they are performing. In addition to providing detailed business analytics, the dashboard makes intelligent recommendations to help keep each practice healthy.

The system also enables patients to learn about their doctors & establish the basis for a good doctor-patient relationship, even before their first consultation.

Today, patients are examining their doctors online before they schedule their consultation.

In fact, over 70% of patients use Internet “star ratings” to make healthcare decisions.

And patients are reading the online reviews, too. Many patients have chosen a different provider based on online reviews.

But not all rating & review sites are equal. Some of the sites tend to be biased toward showing more “good” reviews, while other sites tend to attract more “bad” reviews.

At Patient Approved®, we know that patients are looking for validated data. So, we grade each of the various rating and review systems, we gather validated feedback, and we authenticate patient feedback found online.

Patient Approved® is the trusted source for finding quality healthcare.

At Patient Approved®, our mission is to help doctors improve their practice and help patients identify doctors who are right for their needs.

Patients now have a voice in the healthcare system and their feedback becomes the key driver of change and improvement. As doctors learn about their practices from their patients’ perspective, they can improve collaborative decision making while reducing waste, delays, and duplicated costs.

When doctors collect and analyze their performance data, they can make improvements to their individual practice. Our goal is to help doctors easily collect and act on this data as this is one of the best ways to improve the health care system as a whole.

Patients are now asking if their doctor is “Patient Approved” for the procedure they desire, and doctors are proud to show that they are recognized by their patients as “Patient Approved” doctors.