How The System Works

How does Patient Approved® Work?

The Patient Approved® system consists of several parts:

  1. A proprietary seal or “badge” that doctors  install on their website which displays reviews from real patients
  2. A score card that displays detailed ratings about each practice and every procedure they perform
  3. Integration with other third party sites such as Facebook, so  ratings and reviews are  seen everywhere

The system also features a patient portal and a health care provider portal. In the patient portal, patients are encouraged to complete a survey and leave a review after every encounter they have with their doctor.  The survey gives patients the opportunity to provide their thoughts and feelings.  Subsequently, all ratings and reviews gathered are available for review by their doctor.

The goals of the Patient Approved® system are to:

  • Help new patients find the right doctor for their particular needs
  • Collect and display validated ratings and reviews
  • Provide a structure communication environment between patients and doctors
  • Enable existing patients to leave feedback about their health care experiences
  • Encourage doctors to improve their practices based on patient feedback