Mission Statement

It is the goal of Patient Approved® to help patients find the right doctor for their needs and to help doctors enhance their practices through continuous quality improvement and ethical practice promotion.

What does it mean to help patients find the “right doctor for their needs”?

Patients are looking for health care providers that are expert in a specific treatment modality.

Frequently, patients search the Internet or ask their friends for a recommendation to a health care provider.  Typical searches are for: a dentist that provides “laser teeth whitening”, a chiropractor who offers “spinal decompression”, an ophthalmologist that is expert in “lasik vision correction”, or a plastic surgeon that does the best “nose job”.

Although many health care providers have promotional websites, and a number of doctors are found on various rating and review sites, there is a lack of information about the specific procedures offered by each doctor and the quality of service and outcomes that they provide.

Furthermore, although doctors are “licensed” to practice a particular type of health care (dental, chiropractic, medical/surgical) and doctors can achieve “board certification” in their area of specialty, there is no credentialing process that shows which doctors have obtained true expertise for any particular service they provide.

The Patient Approved® system is designed to help “bridge the gap” and enable patients to find doctors that offer the specific procedures in which they are interested, within a specific geographic area, and who are identified by other patients as having both a “5-star” level of service and excellent outcomes for their procedure of choice.  Our focus on specific procedural outcomes differentiates us from all other rating/review sites.


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