Patient Approved®


When patients want the best care, they look for Patient Approved® doctors. The Patient Approved® system helps doctors deliver high-quality health care, connect with their patients, and get found by more new patients.

Our patent-pending TrueRatings® technology quickly and securely collects and validates patient feedback for you. We provide detailed reports to help you ensure patient satisfaction and give you insight into your practice performance.

The system optionally enables you to share your approved TrueReviews® in a HIPAA-compliant fashion, so more new patients are likely to schedule a consultation.


Patient Approved® – Where the BEST Doctors Get Found

Real-time ratings and reviews

Collect Patient Feedback

With Patient Approved®, your patients can quickly provide you with feedback about their experience while they are in your office, on their smartphone, or from their laptop computer.

More online reviews

Show Your Expertise

Your patient feedback can automatically be published to the places patients are reading about you, including your practice website, Google, Facebook and other major social sites.

Educate & Entertain Your Patients

Personal Practice Information

Patients enjoy reading other patients’ stories. The tablet application helps your patients learn about the personal care you provide while they are waiting for their visit with you.

Patient Approved® – SURVEY


Patient Approved® created the health industry’s first in-office solution for capturing online reviews and outcomes data from patients. And, our HIPAA-compliant SURVEY application takes advantage of included voice-to-text translation, easily collecting detailed patient feedback in your office, online, or via smartphone, even from patients who don’t type.

SURVEY captures the sentiment of patients and notifies you of any dissatisfaction so you can take action. SURVEY also reports on over 20 practice satisfaction and quality metrics, including outcomes data, to help you make changes in your practice with confidence.

With SURVEY you can achieve recognition as an extraordinary health care practice by delivering better health care, improving patient satisfaction and enhancing outcomes.

Turn-key software & hardware solution

Easy to Implement

Download the Patient Survey application on your new iPad and you will be collecting reviews in 5 minutes. No configuration is necessary. And, if you need assistance, we provide unlimited support.

Verified message delivery

Secure Patient Messaging

Your account includes a secure messaging system, so you can communicate with your patients and ensure that they have read your messages. An audit trail can be printed or exported for charting purposes.

HIPAA compliant sharing

HIPAA Compliant

Patient Approved® is fully HIPAA-compliant. Encryption and secure session management means private data stays private. And when patients are ready to share their story, we record and track permissions, so you don’t need to worry.

Patient Approved® – CONNECT


Patient Approved® CONNECT includes all of the features found in Patient Approved® SURVEY, plus it integrates with your compatible EMR system to send automated reminders for patient feedback.

In addition, CONNECT includes the ability to show your authorized patient reviews on your practice website, Facebook page, and other social media channels — all automatically and while maintaining HIPAA-compliance.

With Patient Approved® CONNECT, prospective patients can read authenticated TrueReviews® from your other patients and learn that your practice performance is verified through a reliable, third-party validation process. Then, patients can use the system to submit a request for an appointment with your office.

  • Having the Patient Survey application available on tablets in our office enables patients to read about other patient experiences. They can also easily leave feedback for us.

  • Patient Approved® has helped patients learn about our practice. New patients are reading about us on sites across the internet.

  • New patient consultations have increased since we put the Patient Approved® seal on our website. Now patients can quickly see our areas of expertise.

Patient Approved® – PROMOTE

Patient Approved® PROMOTE helps practices get found online for the services they provide. With PROMOTE, you can automatically maintain your reviews and share your TrueRatings® on Google, Yelp, and hundreds of other sites across the Internet. New patients are directed back to your website and social media sites to learn more about you.

In addition, Patient Approved® PROMOTE automatically searches the web for information about you. The system proactively notifies you of reviews found about you and helps you identify who wrote each review.

PROMOTE helps ensure that your practice is seen across the Internet, in all of the places patients are looking for health care providers.

  • I am a huge fan of Patient Approved®. It is easy to use and our patients love it.

  • Patient Approved® – SURVEY is a lot better than putting a comment box at the front desk.

  • It’s nice to get patient feedback – this helps us make improvements or changes if needed.

  • Patient Approved® is an excellent product that has tremendously impacted our practice.

Online Reviews Help Patients Find Doctors

Patient Approved® doctors are more easily found because patients read their online reviews

It’s time for you to become Patient Approved®