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How patient reviews are revolutionizing care

The internet has caused a dynamic power shift in the health care industry. Patients once relied on friends and family to help them find a provider that shared a similar care philosophy and that they would feel comfortable with. Today, this same task can be accomplished in a few minutes on any smartphone. 

In today's culture of instant gratification, patients no longer have the patience to try out different providers and specialists. With the prevalence of online reviews, a quick internet search can help them narrow the field to the providers near them that offer the best care and highest patient satisfaction. 

This trend has also developed a need for providers to pay increased attention to patient concerns. A string of sub-par reviews can lead to a practice seeing a marked decrease in new patients, which can grow to affect cash flow and the quality of care provided. 

Just as online reviews have the power to make or break a new restaurant or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, practices need to be aware of their power. A patient's first impression of your practice is increasingly taking place online, making it crucial that providers build a strong web presence that accurately reflects their services. 

Practices also benefit from this trend: By analyzing patient reviews, providers can determine the elements of their care that are in need of improvement, and where the priorities of their patient base lay. This can lead to improved collaborative decision making while reducing waste, delays and duplicated costs.

As the process of finding a doctor continues to evolve, providers can stay current with Patient Approved®'s unique system. Patient Approved® allows doctors the ability to collect and analyze their performance data so they can make improvements to their individual practice and gives patients a voice in their care.