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Top mistakes in marketing a medical practice

The way patients seek out their health care providers is changing, and practices need to evolve to remain competitive. While referrals were once the key element to a steady stream of new patients, this is not longer necessarily the case. The internet has revolutionized health care, just as it has impacted almost every modern industry. The PEW Research Center found that approximately 77 percent of today's patients are now using online search engines to find information on local practices.

This shift means that it is crucial for practices to have a marketing plan that includes an online strategy. While each practice's strategy should be unique and target their ideal audience, there are some common mistakes that all practices should take care to avoid.

  • Poorly managed website: The only thing that could be worse than having no website to help publicize your practice is having one that is static or poorly managed. Your site should be a rich source of information for potential patients and be regularly updated. Providing useful and detailed content on a regular schedule that showcases your practice's expertise not only helps begin patient relationships on a positive note, but gives potential clients a reason to remember and return to your site.
  • Poor communication: Your site should feature a convenient means for potential patients to get in contact or to set up an appointment. Providing options, such as the ability to call or email appointment requests, shows that your practice wants to make the experience as easy as possible.
  • Untrained staff: Even if your website has fresh, engaging content and convenient patient tools, the patient needs to be offered a stellar experience once they arrive. If staff do not understand how important managing the patient experience is to an overall marketing campaign, negative reviews could keep others from seeking treatment.

Fortunately, Patient Approved is able to help practices improve the care they offer and experience real growth by tracking feedback and showing you the "pulse" of your practice. Our intuitive dashboard recognized areas of improvement and makes recommendations to help promote healthy growth.