The Patient Approved® Seal

The following information is for healthcare providers participating in the Patient Approved® program.

You may install the Patient Approved® seal in many different locations. The seal demonstrates that you value patient feedback and that you are willing to be transparent with the feedback your patients provide.


An “active” version of the seal may be on your website. This shows the number of stars you have earned from your patient reviews. It also provides a direct link to your Patient Approved® “score card”, which shows details about your practice and enables patients to request an appointment with you. Please login to your account and follow the instructions in the “Downloads” section to load the active seal on your website.


A “static” version of the seal may be installed in newsletter or emails that you send to patients. This enables you to collect reviews from your patients. You will be notified when the review is entered. Patients can choose to keep their review private or share their review online. Please following these steps:

1. Copy the image below (or click on it to download it to your computer), then paste it (or load it) into your newsletter or email (some browsers require that you right-click or two-finger click to download/save the image).

2. Next, add the following link to the image and replace the “XXXXX” in the line below with your ID number (seen on your dashboard when you login to your Patient Approved account):


3. Test your installation by sending a copy of the newsletter or email to yourself.  When you click on the Patient Approved image, the browser should load your encounter page where patients can enter a review about their experience.


Please contact us if you need assistance with any of the above.