Vision Statement

It is our goal to have Patient Approved® recognized as the trusted brand for finding quality health care services.  Patients will ask if their health care provider is “Patient Approved” for the procedure they desire.  Health care providers will be excited to show that they have been “Patient Approved” for the services that they offer.

Strategic growth is through partnership with other companies that offer complementary services.  For example, practice management and enhancement companies can utilize our tools and services for their clients under a co-branding relationship. EMR and medical CRM companies can integrate with our system to provide feedback for their doctor clients.  Companies with a core business in search can access our APIs to query our database for individual providers or groups of providers meeting various criteria and we will return a list with each providers’ current 5-star rating. Other companies/websites can utilize our database and tools to collect validated or anonymous feedback from consumers. In each of these cases, the Patient Approved® brand may be used under a license by other sites.