Best Practices Guide


Evaluate methods for effective patient follow-up

There are a variety of patient follow-up methods that can be used to ensure proper feedback is received from patients. In general, the method utilized by the hospital should be tailored to the general population served. Younger patients may respond best...

Reducing patient readmissions

Patient readmission carries a heavy penalty to hospitals. Just last year the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services fined a record number of hospitals, with a higher fine average than ever before. Hospitals are under a lot of pressure to reduce the...

Top mistakes in marketing a medical practice

The way patients seek out their health care providers is changing, and practices need to evolve to remain competitive. While referrals were once the key element to a steady stream of new patients, this is not longer necessarily the case. The internet...

Increasing primary care practice revenue

Independent primary care practices face a wide variety of new challenges in today's marketplace. Shrinking reimbursement, increased federal regulation, significant cost-control initiatives and a trend of patients choosing to seek treatment in...

Transforming Health Care

We developed the first office-based system where patients can submit feedback about their health care experience and share their feedback in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. Our patent-pending technology has been integrated into partner applications and is...